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Haas revealed that he had been contacted by Shirley Hojnacki, whose family had lived in the home from the 1950s to the 1970s when the property first went up for sale. Facebook YouTube Twitter Love to explore old homes?Step inside this abandonedhouse untouched repairs, certifications, inspections and C/O. The properties below are provided by, and will take you to their site. Last Updated Many foreclosed houses—both those with major problems as well as newly-built houses—are selling for well below the list price at auctions. Generally, yes. The median foreclosure price in the Fort Hood area is nearly $40,000 under the median home sale price. One way to find REO properties is to keep track of county foreclosure auctions in your area. Use’s foreclosure auction search to keep track of properties that are going up for auction in your target market in Florida. Follow up after the auction date if you are unable to attend in person to find out which properties did not end up selling. """"""""



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